All India Institute of Ayurveda Delhi
All India Institute of Ayurveda Delhi
All India Institute of Ayurveda Delhi
All India Institute of Ayurveda Delhi
All India Institute of Ayurveda Delhi
All India Institute of Ayurveda Delhi

All India Institute of Ayurveda Delhi


All India Institute of Ayurveda Delhi is a premier national institute dedicated to the study, research, and promotion of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine. Established in 2016 and located in New Delhi, AIIA is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy (AYUSH), Government of India.


AIIA was conceived with the vision of reviving and promoting the traditional knowledge and practices of Ayurveda, while also integrating modern scientific principles and research methodologies. The institute serves as a center of excellence for Ayurvedic education, research, and healthcare, catering to the growing demand for holistic and alternative medicine in India and across the globe.

With its state-of-the-art facilities, highly qualified faculty, and a multidisciplinary approach, AIIA aims to contribute to the preservation, advancement, and dissemination of Ayurvedic knowledge, while also fostering international collaborations and exchanges in the field of traditional medicine.

Academic Programs

AIIA offers a range of academic programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels, providing comprehensive training in Ayurvedic medicine, therapies, and related disciplines. The institute’s curriculum is designed to impart theoretical knowledge and practical skills, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped to serve as competent Ayurvedic practitioners and contribute to the growth of the Ayurvedic healthcare system.

  • Undergraduate Programs

    AIIA offers the following undergraduate program:

    • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
  • Postgraduate Programs

    The institute offers a range of postgraduate programs, including:

  • Doctoral Programs

    AIIA offers doctoral programs (Ph.D.) in various disciplines related to Ayurveda, providing opportunities for advanced research and scholarly pursuits.

Research and Innovation

AIIA places a strong emphasis on research and innovation, fostering a culture of scientific inquiry and exploration in the field of Ayurveda. The institute houses several research centers and laboratories dedicated to various domains, such as drug discovery, pharmacology, medicinal plant research, and clinical studies.

Faculty members and students actively engage in cutting-edge research projects, contributing to the validation and standardization of Ayurvedic formulations, developing new drug delivery systems, and exploring the therapeutic potential of Ayurvedic medicines and therapies. The institute encourages interdisciplinary research collaborations and promotes industry-academia partnerships, enabling researchers to tackle complex challenges and advance the scientific understanding of Ayurvedic principles and practices.

Infrastructure and Facilities

AIIA boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities to support its academic and research endeavors. The institute’s campus features modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, herbal gardens, libraries, and an Ayurvedic hospital, providing students and faculty with the necessary resources for effective learning, research, and healthcare services.

  • Laboratories and Research Centers

    AIIA is home to numerous cutting-edge laboratories and research centers, equipped with advanced instruments and technologies. These facilities enable hands-on learning, practical training, and research activities in various disciplines related to Ayurveda.

  • Herbal Gardens and Medicinal Plant Research

    The institute maintains extensive herbal gardens and greenhouses, housing a diverse collection of medicinal plants used in Ayurvedic formulations. These facilities support research in the areas of plant cultivation, identification, and phytochemical analysis.

  • Ayurvedic Hospital and Clinical Facilities

    AIIA operates an Ayurvedic hospital and clinical facilities, providing comprehensive healthcare services based on Ayurvedic principles and practices. These facilities serve as training grounds for students, enabling them to gain practical experience in patient care and clinical management.

  • Libraries and Digital Resources

    The institute’s libraries and digital resources centers house a vast collection of books, journals, manuscripts, and digital repositories related to Ayurveda and traditional medicine, supporting research, education, and knowledge dissemination activities.

Healthcare Services and Community Outreach

AIIA is committed to providing quality Ayurvedic healthcare services and promoting community outreach initiatives. The institute’s Ayurvedic hospital and clinics offer a range of treatments, consultations, and therapies, combining traditional Ayurvedic practices with modern healthcare standards.

The institute also organizes various community outreach programs, health camps, and awareness campaigns, aimed at promoting preventive healthcare, disseminating knowledge about Ayurvedic practices, and addressing the healthcare needs of underserved communities.

Collaborations and Partnerships

AIIA actively collaborates with national and international universities, research institutions, healthcare organizations, and industry partners to foster knowledge exchange, academic collaborations, and cross-cultural understanding in the field of Ayurveda and traditional medicine.

These collaborations provide opportunities for student and faculty exchange programs, joint research projects, clinical trials, and technology transfer. The institute also encourages partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and herbal product manufacturers, facilitating the commercialization of Ayurvedic formulations and promoting the sustainable use of medicinal plants.

Outreach and Extension Activities

AIIA plays a crucial role in promoting and disseminating Ayurvedic knowledge and practices through various outreach and extension activities. The institute organizes workshops, seminars, and training programs for healthcare professionals, practitioners, and the general public, aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of Ayurvedic principles and their applications.

Additionally, AIIA actively participates in national and international conferences, exhibitions, and forums related to Ayurveda and traditional medicine, contributing to the exchange of knowledge and best practices on a global scale.

Alumni Network and Achievements

AIIA takes pride in its accomplished alumni, who have made significant contributions to the field of Ayurveda and traditional medicine. The institute maintains a strong alumni network, facilitating networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

The institute’s alumni have achieved remarkable success in various domains, including clinical practice, research, academia, and entrepreneurship. Their achievements and contributions have further enhanced the reputation and prestige of AIIA, solidifying its position as a leading institution for the study, research, and promotion of Ayurvedic knowledge and practices.

With its commitment to academic excellence, cutting-edge research, and holistic healthcare services, the All India Institute of Ayurveda continues to play a pivotal role in reviving and promoting the rich heritage of Ayurveda, while also contributing to the advancement of traditional medicine and its integration into modern healthcare systems.


Gautampuri Awas, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi,110076,Uttar Pradesh,India

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